Iron Harvest 9

There are three main types of units in Iron Harvest. Heroes are the least plentiful, relegated to only three per faction. The heaviest are the mechs, while the most agile are the infantry.

Polania Republic

There is strong support in the population. It’s easy and cheap for Polania troops to reinforce their lines. Polania units are generally lighter and faster than others, but lack armor.


The Rusviet army is huge. Units are cheap and numerous. In close combat, it’s almost impossible to stop them. Rusviet forces are not that well equipped.

Saxony Empire

Saxony uses the most advanced technology with its strong long-range capabilities. They are reasonably fast and well armored, but expensive.

Polania Republic Heroes: AnnaThe Cavalry
Infantry: EngineerGrenadierGunnerRifleman
Mechs: PZM-12 "Tur"Recon-Mech "Smialy"


Heroes: Olga Romanova
Infantry: Warrior
Mechs: NYR

Saxony Empire

Heroes: Gunter von Duisburg
Infantry: Mortar Battle SuitGunnerStormtrooper
Mechs: Gatling-Mech Bär


Heroes: AkikoBjornConnorZehra