Mortar Battle Suit - Iron Harvest
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A heavy mech hunter that inflicts immense amounts of damage to all armor. Edit

The SKS 156 "Wotan" is a powerful eight-legged mech that can quickly take out armored enemies. The Wotan has medium range which makes it great for taking out mechs from afar.

The Wotan also has the special ability "Rocket Launch", in which the Wotan fires two powerful rockets from the sides of it's main turret. These rockets can travel quite the distance and deal massive damage to any one who happen to be in the blast radius.

While the Wotan may look intimidating it has a very slow walking and turning speed, making it vulnerable to indirect fire from mortars or from faster anti-mech infantry. It's rear is also lightly armored meaning attacks from behind will deal much more damage. Combine a Wotan with some back up and you can expect a solid lock down to any critical point.

Trivia Edit

  • In old high German tongue "Wotan" their name for Odin
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