Rusviet crest - Iron Harvest

Rusviet is huge, powerful, and has unmatched industrial and population potential. However, the country is tired and worn out by the long war. People are frustrated, and the power of Tsar Nikolaj weakens. Mysterious Grigori Rasputin has become an extraordinarily powerful man and revolution is in the air.

Heroes Edit

Infantry Edit

The following names are assumed based on the specialists section.

  • Rusviet Grenadier
  • Rusviet MG
  • Rusviet Gunner
  • Rusviet Engineer
  • Rusviet Medic
  • Rusviet Flamethrower

Mechs Edit

Note: The following is from the Scythe game, so information may change in Iron Harvest. Pics from Iron Harvest.

The Rusviet mech, with its war scythes, is a formidable figure on the battlefield. It has access to a secret network leading from villages to the Factory. It also becomes more powerful in combat when accompanied by workers.