The Polania Rifleman is the standard infantry for the Polania Republic faction. They are the standard Polania resistance fighter. Uses a rifle that gives them the best range and accuracy of all standard infantry units, but they also have the slowest fire rate. Being resistance fighters, sometimes civilians join the cause free of charge and become infantry units.

Promotions Edit

  • Veteran: +25% Damage, Retreat
  • Elite: +25% Damage, +10% Speed
Polania Republic Heroes: AnnaThe Cavalry
Infantry: Polania Rifleman
Mechs: PZM-12 "Tur"Recon-Mech "Smialy"


Heroes: Olga Romanova
Infantry: Rusviet Warrior
Mechs: NYR

Saxony Empire

Heroes: Gunter von Duisburg
Infantry: Mortar Battle SuitSaxony GunnerSaxony Stormtrooper
Mechs: Gatling-Mech Bär


Heroes: AkikoBjornConnorZehra