Machines - Iron Harvest

Mechs (also automachines or walking machines) are the metal monstrosities commanded by each faction, serving as the toughest units on the battlefield. Mechs were introduced during the Great War; even after the War, they continue to serve in multiple capacities, having become a staple of modern society and innovation.

Rusviet uses relatively slow, but very heavy armoured mechs. Their technology might be old, but it is very effective – especially in close combat. Saxony Empire mechs are powerful, but expensive.

There are about 30 different types of mechs in the game, from giant, ultra-heavy war machines to relatively quick lighter mechs. There are also humanoid units with primitive exo-skeletons. All of them fulfill certain roles and give players various options in combat, but none of them is superior in all situations. Each mech can be brought down by smaller/cheaper units when players come up with the right tactics.

Notes Edit

  • Many mechs have weaker armor on their backs.
  • It is possible to damage parts of a mech with things such as explosives.
  • Enemy mechs can be conquered.
Polania Republic Heroes: AnnaThe Cavalry
Infantry: Polania Rifleman
Mechs: PZM-12 "Tur"Recon-Mech "Smialy"


Heroes: Olga Romanova
Infantry: Rusviet Warrior
Mechs: NYR

Saxony Empire

Heroes: Gunter von Duisburg
Infantry: Mortar Battle SuitSaxony GunnerSaxony Stormtrooper
Mechs: Gatling-Mech Bär


Heroes: AkikoBjornConnorZehra