Iron Harvest 6

Infantry units are the backbone of every army in Iron Harvest. They are cheap, relatively fast, and - most important of all - extremely versatile. They can equip different weapons and tools to get new abilities or to change the type of damage they deal. A standard infantry with a rifle can’t harm a mech, but the very same infantry squad could find grenades, mines, or hand cannons on the battlefield to change that. Infantry units become specialists by collecting weapons or equipment right off the battlefield; they can also be promoted at a base.

Infantry units can also man weapon systems like heavy MGs, cannons, and mortars. Aside from standing, when a unit lies on the ground, it's harder to hit but also much slower. The kneeling position is for low covers.

They fight in squads and can level up two times (veteran, elite). They are the only unit type that can conquer resource buildings/flags and man bunkers. They are unarmoured units, so keeping them in cover whenever possible - for example in trenches or behind walls - is crucial. Each faction has one standard infantry.

Combat Edit

When units get close to each other, they start melee fighting automatically; however, players can also force a melee attack over long range by giving an attack order while pressing a modificator key.

Infantry units can vault over low obstacles, such as fences or low walls, to shorten their path. They can jump into trenches (e.g. to attack the defenders in close combat) and, when in cover, can vault over it to quickly get on the other side.

Players can use the Retreat command on units. A unit that has received the retreat command can no longer be controlled. It runs back to the player’s base, where it can be reinforced and healed. The unit runs faster than normal and receives less damage.

Specialists Edit

Polania Specialists - Iron Harvest

Polania specialists

There are seven different classes of Infantry specialists in the game.

  • Grenadiers: They have the same main weapon as the faction’s standard infantry, but they can also use grenades to cause area-of-effect damage and damage to light- and medium-armoured units.
  • MG: Equipped with a light MG that needs a short build-up time before it's combat ready. However, when it is, it's very effective against unarmoured units in its cone of fire.
  • Gunners: The "heavies" among the infantry units. Equipped with a cannon, they can damage everything up to heavy armoured units. Pretty slow, though.
  • Engineers: Poorly armed, but extremely versatile. Can build buildings and fortifications, repair mechs, lay mines, and use explosives.
  • Medics: Players want to keep their most experienced squads alive. For that, they can heal and reinforce troops near their HQ... or have their field medic take care of that.
  • Flamethrower: Equipped with 20 litres of liquid hell, the flamethrower unit is a deadly enemy against infantry - even in trenches and bunkers. Explodes when killed.
Polania Republic Heroes: AnnaThe Cavalry
Infantry: EngineerGrenadierGunnerRifleman
Mechs: PZM-12 "Tur"PZM-7 "Simaly"


Heroes: Olga Romanova
Infantry: Warrior
Mechs: NYR

Saxony Empire

Heroes: Gunter von Duisburg
Infantry: Mortar Battle SuitGunnerStormtrooper
Mechs: Gatling-Mech Bär


Heroes: AkikoBjornConnorZehra