Heroes - Iron Harvest

Heroes in Iron Harvest are not unstoppable "super units" but units with special abilities that give additional options in combat. All nine heroes are available in multiplayer and skirmish matches as well. Heroes level up over the course of a campaign, and with each level-up, players can give them a new skill or level up an existing skill, some of them active, some passive.

The first three heroes are: Anna, a Polania girl who becomes a capable sniper and symbol of resistance; Gunter, an experience warrior and legendary commander; and Olga, a Rusviet spy who operates in the shadows and is close to the Tsar.

Some heroes have pets they can control in battle like Anna’s bear Wojtek, Gunter’s dire wolves Nacht and Tag or Olga’s tiger Changa. Others have unique mechs or weapons at their disposal, or have unique abilities, such as "The Cavalry".

Scythe Edit

The game Scythe included other heroes who may eventually be included in Iron Harvest, should their factions be introduced:

Polania Republic Heroes: AnnaThe Cavalry
Infantry: EngineerGrenadierGunnerRifleman
Mechs: PZM-12 "Tur"Recon-Mech "Smialy"


Heroes: Olga Romanova
Infantry: Warrior
Mechs: NYR

Saxony Empire

Heroes: Gunter von Duisburg
Infantry: Mortar Battle SuitGunnerStormtrooper
Mechs: Gatling-Mech Bär


Heroes: AkikoBjornConnorZehra