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Gunter von Duisberg is a hero unit for the Saxony Empire in Iron Harvest. Gunter has no sense for subtlety. He uses is pneumatic bayonet and his experimental grenade launcher to make his point. He is a much respected commander and is often accompanied by his two frightening dire wolfs Nacht and Tag.

Background Edit

Note: The following is from the Scythe game, so information may change in Iron Harvest.

Gunter von Duisburg grew up in a wealthy, aristocratic family known for the dire wolves they bred and sold across the country. As a young boy he traveled with his father across Africa, where he developed excellent hunting skills and an interest in archeology.

With a strong love of his country, Gunter enlisted in the Saxon army. He spent the first few years of service training soldiers to work with dire wolves, where he formed a kinship with two particular wolves: Nacht and Tag (Night and Day).

When the war began, Gunter and his wolves led elite mech squads across the forests and mountains of Saxony and Europe. His name was both feared and respected, and his jacket grew heavy with medals of honor.

After the war, the Saxon emperor sought an audience with Gunter, Nacht, and Tag. He asked them to go on a special mission to the east, where he saw an opportunity to expand to the unclaimed lands surrounding the Factory. Gunter was never one to turn down an adventure, so off he went to the east.

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